Saturday, October 20, 2007

And Some Claim That Global Warming & Climate Change Are A Myth

Conservative "doubting Thomases" will no doubt attempt to continue to cast pseudo-scientifuc doubt on the impact of global warming and climate change until the problem lands square on their doorsteps. However there is good evidence that is beginning to happen here in the U.S.

Governors from states as far away as Michigan are concerned by any mention of regional or national water plans coming from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who attempts to plan for the worsening water shortage in his state. In Douglas County, Georgia, which neighbors Atlanta, Georgia, there is a terrible problem of the lakes and water supply drying up, creating severe water use restrictions for homeowners including fines that can cost $350 for a first violation, and $1,000 for the second violation. Water wasters could also have their water shut-off as well.

The number of bees that help to pollenate crops continue to decline for some unknown reason, and agriculture in the U.S. could eventually become very expensive or even threatened.

In Australia, the wheat harvest has steadily declined for the sixth year in a row due to climate change. In African nations such as Mozambique, it has simply stopped raining over 50 years ago in many areas, and great river beds and lakes simply dried up, and farmers could no longer grow crops, cattle died, and then the people died.

Of course the unscientific conservatives will continue to deny the fact that serious climate changes are taking place and impacting both the water and food supply of mankind and creating famine in many parts of the world where as many as 50,000 children die each day from starvation.

The "doubting Thomases" will need to actually put their fingers into the wounds in the Earth before they realize that creation itself is under a serious assault by climate change, drought and starvation conditions.


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