Tuesday, August 14, 2007

China's Distain For Taiwan Independence Cements Ties To A Former Soviet Republic

The government of China's strong antiTaiwan independence sentiments seem to drive the new cooperative relationship of China and the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. The president of this largely Muslim state issued some strongly worded statements that echo China's oppposition to a two China's policy, and Kyrgyzstan promised international support in blocking any entry of Taiwan into international organizations that reflect stateship by nations as members.

Little Kyrgzstan can use the economic support for it's small 5.2 milion person nation that a relationship with China will bring. But buying this friendship by helping to foster an ongoing conflict with China and Taiwan is not a good path. Both countries should be free to manage their own affairs as independent entities with their own economies and government.

Kyrgzstan's government has been plagued with political assasinations and connections to competing organized crime organizations among many of the goverment members, and is hardly any role model of an effectively run nation. Like other former Soviet republics, little Kyrgzstan struggles to find it's own identity as a nation and to effectively manmage both their own government and build a successful economy. Whether this new, closer relationship to China will bring the needed improvements to this nation is yet to be seen.