Saturday, August 11, 2007

2008 Olympics May Help Clean Up Chinese Pollution Problem

The world will be putting China under a magnifying glass in the coming months as the Olympic near one year from now. And the serious problem of Chinese air pollution due to their very rapid industrialization remains a huge problem that the Chinese government will likely make huge inroads against before the Olympics start.

The easy answer would be for the government to order many factories closed during the Olympics, however a better bet will new pollution curbs to clean up the air quality, which is now as deadly to a child in many Chinese cities as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. 400,000 persons die each year from air pollution related illnesses. Such air quality is hardly fit to stage summer Olympic events in. However, the government will likely surprise the world community by some crash programs to improve the air quality as well as order some factories closed around the actual Olympic time as well.

The world community expects real action by China on this serious matter. And the people of China will likely respond with some real solutions to salvage their reputation and prove to the world that they are responsible society that wants very much to be among the most respected nations in the world.