Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scientists Explore Use Of Global Warming To Thaw Mars

Amazing, there are a number of scientists associated with space exploration within the U.S. that are exploring the mass use of creating global warming on Mars to thaw out the planet and to melt the global ice caps and other frozen areas in order to improve the temperature and hopefully create an oxygen-rich life supporting environment there.

Some possible plans call for mass fluorocarban generators to reduce the ozone level on the plant and allow more sunlight to raise the temperature and other plans to grow plants that will produce oxygen on a wide scale level. It is highly poosible that Mars can sometime be populated by humans and reduce the stresses on the Earth once the planet is made into an inhabitable planet that can support all types of life.

While much of this possible mission is still many years away, it is still highly likely that Mars may become a type of annnex for Earth and help to reduce stresses on the planet caused by industrialization.


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