Friday, August 03, 2007

There's Still Great People Out There

Last wek when my father suffered a fatal massive stroke, 911 firemen offered what help that they could before declaring him dead. Yesterday, some average citizens again offered me help when I was involved in a sudden and unexpected motor scooter accident when the front wheel bearing malfunctioned and caused the bike to throw me over the handlebars on a city street. By good fortune, this happened across the street from a fellow biker who drives a motorcycle. This is brotherhood among those on two wheels, they picked the bike up off me as I got run over by my own bike and it landed on me. There was a lot of blood, and today I can count at least 16 injuries. And their kind help to offer me bandages to stop the bleeding until I could baby the damaged bike home and get the car to drive to the doctor was much appreciated.

Folks didn't just come out to see how bad I was injured, like some sort of free show. But they offered me real help. I'm very grateful to their kindness. And beyond the brotherhood of a fellow biker assisting another, local residents were great at offering genuine help to an injured motorist.

I have one leg that is pretty bad after it got run over by the bike as well as twisted in the accident and I can hardly walk on it anmong the 16 injuries I have today. It will take a few days for the more serious injuries to heal. Not the best way to spend my 52nd birthday.

Sometimes some are concerned that civility is dead. But I say that plenty of great folks still exist. God bless them all.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Steve Crickmore said...

Paul, what a week you have been having! You have my sentiments..Take care and God speed!

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Hi, Steve. Thanks so much for your conforting comments. it's been one week since the crash due to a sudden mechanical failure and I'm still hurting pretty good from of the worst of the 18 injuries I sustained to my mouth, hands, right elbow, rib cage, collar bone and legs.

I can't wait to get back on my scooter, after I finish repairs to it and healing for myself.

Driving a motor scooter through congested city traffic is probably both thrilling and dangerous enough to rate as an X Games or Extreme Sporting event. And at 52, I'm not as durable or flexible as I was at 22, and slower to heal. But nothing is more fun to me in life than motor scootering, even though it scares the "willies" out of my family and friends.


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