Monday, August 06, 2007

Fred Thompson's Lazy "Noncampaign" Slides In Polls

On Sunday, Fred Thompson missed yet another opportunity to enter into the Republican debates if he really was a serious candidate for president, but of course he is not. Unlike the other Republican candidates who are willing to put in a tough effort of wearing down shoe leather, meeting with voters, giving speeches and preparing for an upcoming debate, Thompson has so far run a very lazy effort from just a website.

Thompson has been condemned by critics before for having a terrible work ethic. And it will be by early February that both the Democratic and Republican nominations will be settled. Any serious candidate for president simply does not have the time to putter around as important footwork for the Iowa causas and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primary must be done. By time the South Carolina primary comes, both the Democratic and Republican nominess should be set in stone for the 2008 general election, and Hillary Clinton and Rudlph Giuliani could have both nominations locked up at the time and begin trading shots for the general election free-for-all by then.

A few weeks ago in June, Thompson's support peaked at about 28% among voters according to the authoritive Rasmussen polling data, but has since sunk below that of Rudolph Giuliani to 24% in the latest polling data out today by Rasmussen. About the same time that Thompson's support peaked, he engaged Michael Mooore in a lazy debate from his office with a cheap web cam and was too lazy to take the cigar out of his mouth while exchanging a few select insults. His attack on Moore won him some support amomg conservatives at the time, but as the weeks passed by, and Thompson missed more debate opportunities such as the one on Sunday, and some potential Thompson voters might just be finally getting it that he's not really a serious candidate for president. Even maverick Republican Ron Paul has put in a far better effort so far to win a hopeless GOP nomination.

The fact of the matter is that many GOP voters do not like Giuliani on either the issues or his character. Thompson has a real chance to shore up the conservative wing of his party, but has so far proven himself to be an extremely poor candidate. Thompson simply seems to lack the work ethic required to win the presidency, just as his critics have long figured. So far Thompson is simply not proving to be the "Right Wing" savior for some in the GOP as some have hoped. If Thompson really wants the Republican nomination, then he certainly needs to get busy in the next few days. By the first of September it may well be too late to build a credible effort in Iowa, New Hamshire and South Carolina as Romney and others are firmly entrenced with strong organizations in all three early primary ans causas states.


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