Saturday, May 19, 2007

U.S. Arming Fatah In West Bank Fighting

After the U.S. plan miserably failed to bring democracy to the Palestinian Authority region, and Hamas won the election, the U.S. has spent at least $59 million to arm Fatah and promote open warfare between the two rival Palestinian groups. On May 14, it was reported that a shipment of 3,000 assault rifles meant for Fatah fighters was hijacked by Hamas militants.

Besides the war in Iraq, the war between the rival Palestinian factions is a second war front that the U.S. is heavily behind as well as covert efforts to use groups like the MEK for warfare and terrorism to undermine the radical and erratic government of Iran.

The Bush doctrine that once promotted democracy for the Mideast now seems to have given way to a doctrine of supporting proxy wars in the Mideast to advance the foreign policy interests of the Bush Administration.


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