Monday, May 14, 2007

Newly Elected French President Already Talking About A Withdrawal Of Forces From Afghanistan

Almost as soon as the political right in the U.S. began rejoicing at the victory of right wing French politician, Nicolas Sarzoky, Sarkozy decided to dampen their parade a little with a discussion of a withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan. This is hardly good news to the thin forces in Afghanistan in which far fewer NATO troops are now serving than are really needed or good news for any foreign policy goals of the Bush Administration for Afghanistan.

Sarkozy is behaving about as should have been expected. He'll certainly act as an independent minded politician who will do what is good for Sarkozy. Unlike the retiring Tony Blair of Britain, there really is no good ally of the U.S. that is completely onboard with the Bush Administrarion's line on foreign policy, although Australia and NATO, due to treaty ties, are about the strongest allies outside the U.K.

With the exit of Blair, as well as the independence of Sarkozy, the Bush Administration cannot hold high hopes for any meaningful relations with another nation in the last couple of years. No doubt most nations will look to the next American administration to renew any foreign policy ties with the U.S. Not only is the Bush Administration largely a lame duck administration, but the American foreign policy is also largely a lame duck one as well.


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