Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Internal Workings In The McCain Campaign Show Plan To Use Blogs To Inflate Strength

Internal workings from within the John McCain campaign are proving that a campaign for McCain supporters to use other blog postings is being planned to artificially create the image of more strength for his campaign. After the upcoming Republican debate, McCain supporters are being encouraged to post positive propaganda messages of support for McCain, hoping to make him more acceptable among this group of Republicans who tend to dislike him as a sort of RINO(REpublican in name only) sort of Republican.

Whether this campaign to use propaganda to make McCain more acceptable to other Republicans will work remains to be seen. But it still appears that many conservative Republicans are still looking to somwone like LAW & ORDER actor, Fred Thompson or even Newt Gingrich, to enter the race.

But the Republicans seem to be plagued by an unusually high level of disunity this year. Party disuntity is often a good predictor of an upcoming defeat for a political party. Few candidates tend to be able to survive this sort of internal disunity problem within a political party and win an election.


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