Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boy, Oh Boy, Does ABC's New "CAVEMEN" Look Like A Bad Show!

The jokes are already starting to build on the absurd new comedy, CAVEMEN, set to debut this September on ABC that replaces such comedy classics as GEORGE LOPEZ and ACCORDING TO JIM based off the absurd and wholly ineffective Geico insurance ads. Wise monet would bet that that this grand turkey of a premise will likely be one of the first cancelled shows of the next season, with maybe a two or three episode run.

What in the world were ABC executives thinking? This looks to be one of the very worst show ideas since COP ROCK, the wholly silly police musical that was short lived for ABC some years ago.

ABC has a strange mix of shows this year. There are few shows that appeal to male viewers as ABC seems to be going all-out as a women's network, but with a few bizarre entries such as CAVEMEN to perplex the viewer.

The Geico ads certainly seem bad enough for about 30 seconds. Can a whole 30 minutes or this garbage even be tolerable or will the viewers at home revert back to cavemen themselves, throwing rocks at their TV screens when this stinker comes on? Thank goodness there's plenty of other channels to choose from.


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