Friday, May 18, 2007

Gloria Allred May Be Right About This

Firebrand feminist attorney, Gloria Allred, often takes on very controversial cases and clients. But her opinion on a new policy of some luxury hotel chains may be right. Some luxury hotels are featuring women guests only floors, and Gloria Allred thinks that this is wrong.

Gloria Allred considers this a form of illegal sex discrimination that stereotypes all men as predators and women as fragile beings who deserve special protections under the law. Allred is highly critical of this practice by some luxury hotels who claim that this practice is intended for the safety and security of the women guests.

Allred is also concerned that this could lead to hotels enacting floors for one race only as well, bringing the nation back to a form of segregation based on stereotypes of safety and crime, just as the women only reserved floors are based on some premise of safety and crime.

So far, no lawsuit has been filed to prevent this new business practice on behalf of a few luxury hotels. But very likely this practice may violate federal antidiscrimination laws, especially if a male guest is turned away from renting a room if empty rooms remain solely due to his sex. If anything this new sales practice of renting rooms solely on the basis of the sex of the prospective renter may be a very short lived practice. It might be just one lawsuit away from going back to the intent of state and federal antidiscrimination laws meant to outlaw such an illegal practice that is unfortunately way too similar to the horrid segregation laws of the past.


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