Thursday, May 24, 2007

Portland Arsonists Arrested...But Not EcoTerrorists As First Thought

It turns out that the Portland, Oregon SUV arsonists were not ecoterrorists as first thought, but a strange group of a 27 year old male with a long criminal history whose own father claimed has serious mental health problems, a 19 year old Asian female, who runs a MySpace page posing with a handgun and a 14 year old for some reason. This group of three pyromaniac screwballs claimed that they were setting these very dangerous fires for "fun". But the real 'fun" for these three mental defectives will begin when they start serving their mandatory 90 month prison sentences under Oregon's mandatory sentencing law known as Measure 11 for serious crimes.

The amount of property damage caused by these arsons probably runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and endangered the lives of at least one family when their home also caught fire as well.

The father of the 27 year old male hopes that the case will be treated as a federal crime because his mentally ill son might finally get the help he needs.

In two unrelated cases of ecoterrorism, two defendants were sentenced to 13 years each for causing about $40 million in damage with political extremist arson and property damage.


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