Wednesday, May 23, 2007

EcoTerrorists Setting Car, Truck & SUV Fires In Portland, Oregon

All terrorism is a disgusting example of political facists who choose to use violence to impose their own personal extremist political views on others. Whether it's in Iraq or here at home, it's all immoral, wrong and completely criminal.

Some Ecoterrorists have been setting car fires the last couple nights in Portland, Oregon, burning three to four vehicles each night, creating a serious safety danger for neighborhoods and firefighters. In Oregon, tough mandatory sentences mean at least 7 years for arson. However, a house with persons inside caught fire on Monday morning, meaning attempted murder charges are now very likely. If any person would die as a result of this ecoterrorism, then murder charges are nearly certain for these wacky extremists.

Setting fires creating a massive amount of air pollution and public danger is certainly a mentally ill way for some self-righteous screwball to support environmentalism. High gas prices and new technology will certainly result in clean burning vehicles such as emissions free hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the next decade as technology can be made more affordable and less prone to damage from cold weather. Right now the membranes for the fuel cell experimental vehicles are highly prone to cold weather damage. Current fuel cell vehicles would have to sell for about $70,000 right now. Costs need to be reduced.

With gas prices rising so fast, environmentalists should trust in the wisdom of the marketplace to respond to both high gas prices with vehicles with sharply reduced gas consumption as well as eventual replacement with vehicles that little impact on the environment and on greenhouse gases.

Ecoterrorists are too stupid to offer scientific answers to challenging environmental problems. Serious scientists labor long hours on research that will dramaticly lower fuel consumption as well as protect the environment in the very near future. The market demand creates this need. Ecoterrorists are nothing but dumb criminals by comparison. Their serious crimes don't even have a profit motive, but certainly impact working persons who need a car to go to work or to take their kids to school. Hopefully FBI, ATF agents and others will tighten the law enforcement noose around these ecoterrorist screwballs very soon, and throw them in jail along with prisoners who are really tough and give them a wakeup call on what problems that they made for themselves.

Arson endangers lives. It is a serious financial crime that the good men and women in law enforcement need to prevent. Arson endangers the lives of the public and firemen both. The public will not be safe until these screwball ecoterrorism radicals are behind bars where they belong.


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