Thursday, April 19, 2007

China May Soon Purchase An Additional 12 Billion In U.S. Imports To Help Cut Trade Deficit

Chinese officials, sensitive to concerns in the United States about the huge trade deficit that stands between the two nations is expected to sign a mega trade deal with the U.S. very soon, allowing for far more imports of American products such as soybean, cotton, automobiles, electronics and other goods. Right now current problems such as trafiffs that slap a 25% fee on American imported automobiles into China and only a 2.5% tariff of Chinese made automobiles into the U.S. are prime examples of this type of disparity in trade that only help to widen the trade deficit.

China is also under pressure to not peg their currency to the American dollar, and instead let it float on world currency markets.

Whether China's moves to help satisfy some American concerns about trade with China will really help to better equalize trade certainly remains to be seen. Smart money would probably say not. But any temporary attempts to increase American exports will cetainly make some Americans at least feel better while the United States only tends to lose more jobs to China and the trade deficit only worsens.


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