Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NBA Great Charles Barkley Preparing For Possible Bid For Governor Of Alabama

Charles Barkley is laying the groundwork for a possible bid for governor of Alabama. Barkley has reportedly purchased a home in Alabama, and is possiby intending to wait for the seven year residency rule to pass which may make it as late as 2014 for Barkley to mount his campaign.

Barkley did lean Republican in the past, and considers himself an independent, But Barkley is supporting Senator Barack Obama this year, and hold favorable views of both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, although he considers the Democrats as a whole as not much better than the Republicans.

All of this tends to lead to the view that Barkley will either run as an independent candidate or else seek the Democratic nomination.

Barkley's very honest and upfront style will probably impress far more voters than not. Voters likely will warmly respond to this brash open and honest style as deeply refreshing. Barkley could become a major political force in the future, setting a new standard for political honesty, as well as becoming the first African-American governor of Alabama.


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