Monday, February 19, 2007

Mitt Romney Heckled For His Mormon Religion

In an unfortunate public event, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was heckled by a man for his Mormon religion. And although his religion holds many strange beliefs compared to most churches that claim to be Christian, this type of public religious intolerance is simply outrageous.

Some of the beliefs that set Mormonism apart from mainstream Christian churches include a heavy use of Freemasonry images and symbols in the Mormon temples and the wearing of a type of spiritual underware that has Freemasonry type occultic images on it. Joseph Smith, one of the founders of this faith was known to have been a Freemason at one time and apparently brought many aspects of this organization into this new faith, including secret handshakes and other unusal rituals often kept secret from the public or new converts to the faith until after their baptism. One unusual ritual involves a Baptism of the dead.

Unlike other Christian churches which believe in one God, where even those that believe in the trinity concept, still adhere to a single God belief, Mormonism believes in many Gods and that individuals can even become Gods. Mormonism also teaches that God was once a man, but became God, and has a father and a grandfather.

Another interesting belife of Mormonism is that Jesus and Lucifer were somehow spirit brothers. Old time Mormons were known for polygamy, and even a Mormon belifef claims that God has many wives. And the Book Of Mormon is presented as a companion book for the Bible, although there are many passages in the Book Of Mormon that are in conflict with Scripture from the Bible.

Many Christians consider Mormonism to be a cult, and don't really consider it a mainstream Christian church. However, freedom of religion should definately entitle persons to worship or believe as they see fit, and the intolerance of the heckler who taunted Mitt Romney today has no place in a society like the U.S. built on religious tolerance.


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