Monday, February 19, 2007

If Britney Thinks That Life Is Tough, Then Try Living Like A Lot Of Folks

Some modern celebrities sometimes act like it's just so tough to be worth millions of dollars, able to live in mansions, drive high buck automobiles, wear the latest designs, eat anything they want in any restaurant that they want. But what about life being tough for those who can't hardly afford rent, or are even homeless, living in their car in the cold. Those that don't have enough to eat. Those that have to rely on public health care, that exempts many needed treatments, only allowing basic procedures or disallowing needed dental coverage.

Celebrities sometimes claim that their life of extreme privilege is so darn tough. Well cry me a river. This "Marie Annoinette" view of the world seems so insenstive to the sufferings of the poor.

Instead of spending money so conspicously, and acting like life is somehow so tough, some like Britney Spears could maybe learn how to be grateful for their blessings and maybe want to share them with others.

Actor Danny Thomas was a good example. He prayed to the Saint of the impossible, St. Jude for work when he was a struggling actor, and was so grateful for his blessings that he helped to found the St. Jude Hospital which provides absolutely free of charge needed medical care for very sick children. Many modern celebrities in this day and age have forgotten about little things such as prayer, giving back thanks to God for their blessings and sharing with the poor.

Some good values just should never go out of style.