Sunday, February 18, 2007

Britney Shears. Oh, Baby Baby!

You'd certainly think that the tragic death of the trainwreck known as Anna Nicole Smith would send a loud shot across the bow of Britney Spears to quickly get her life in order. But no. The weirdness just keeps getting worse and will now be the center of entertainment talk as well as late night comic jokes as Britney Spears apparently in a state of anger and disgust ordered a hair cutting salon to cut off all her hair, and when they attempted to refuse, she began to do it herself, and then got two new tattoos, and appeared to be wearing a Star Of David on a neck chain. This new weird and creepy behavior seemed just one step sort of joining a weird group like the Manson cult and putting a swastika on her forehead.

Already, some enterprising Ebay dealers are claiming to offer locks of Britney Spears hair for obscenely high prices. Whether these are indeed really her hair or merely locks of their own or their dog's hair is a good question. But this seems like a good time for the buyer to be wary.

Psychologists will have a field day and be in high employment by the entertainment reporters for the next few days analysing this new goofy and erratic behavior on the part of Ms. Spears. Some stories emerged last week that she was both in and out of some sort of rehab.

And not least, the record company and other major handlers of Spears recording and entertainment interests and contracts cannot be very happy at all at her new look which only hurts her marketability. If anything, Spears may have now crossed the line where no real comeback as an entertainer is now possible and she will only remain in the public eye as an aspect for public amusement and a subject of public laughter. This is deeply sad for this entertainer who once sold massive amounts of CDs, held big concert tours, but now is only in the news for her nonstop goofy public stunts.

Just like the tragic lives of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears needs to get her life very quickly in some semblence of order before it takes some accidental tragic turn. Erratic persons often tend to abuse alcohol or some sort of drugs, add to this anger or depression, and a serious mix exists that could result in some accidental tragedy. The real friends of Britney Spears need to step up on her behalf and help her cope and get her life on track very soon. Her new anger that she doesn't want to be touched and left alone, and her new new bald look are simply a sheer cry for help. She endangers what freindships she has with this sort of attitude, when real friends are what she really needs at this point.


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