Monday, February 19, 2007

Korean Hyundai Not Interested In Chrysler Purchase

One possible suitor to purchase the ailing Chrysler Corporation division from Daimler was South Korea's Hyundai. But new reports claim that Hyundai is not interested. This could be a bad sign that enough negatives exist with Chrysler that the company is unattractive for purchase by major firms.

GM is also holding some talks with Chrysler, but these appear to more limited to a mutual minivan project. All of this seems to open the way for a Chinese automobile maker that is interested in both a turnaround project and in getting a tow-hold in the American market may be the most likely suitor for a deal to purchase Chrysler from Daimler. A deal could come within weeks now that the feelers are out that Daimler is interested in cutting Chrysler free.


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