Wednesday, February 21, 2007

David Geffen Ignites Tensions Between Clinton And Obama Campaigns

Both candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done their best today to quiet tensions raised between the campaigns when mega-wealthy Hollywood producer, David Geffen, threw out incendiary words about the Clintons. Geffen is a hig profile backer of Senator Barack Obama, but the Senator was hardly interested in Geffen's bait to attack the Clinton's. Hillary Clinton also dis her best to calm tensions as well.

This is part of the problem when high profile large campaign backers make outrageous statements. They are not official spokespersons for the the campaigns, however they feel that their large contributions somehow gives them near spokesperson status.

Besides high profile politics, Geffen, who is openly Gay, is a major contributor to AIDS benefits and often uses his money to fund charity or other major public efforts.


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