Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Senator Joseph Biden Begins His Losing Bid For President

As far as qualifications go, Senator Jseph Biden is by all means a highly qualified candidate. As far as fund raising ability and the ability to put together a viable campaign, Senator Biden might as well accept that he has already lost the election. This is the cruel reality of politics.

A serious candidate like Joseph Biden, probably one of the most expert in the Senate with foreign policy matters hasn't a ghost of a chance when running against a candidate like Hillary Clinton with strong support in business community circles and fund raising skills, along with the knack for perfect photo opts and making carefully constructed statements and other skills lacking from a serious Biden run for president.

Being a decent and honorable candidate like a Biden simply isn't enough to win. Money is the mother's milk of politics, and no Democrat in recent times has proven any ability whatsoever to match the Clinton dynasty in this department. In politics, unless you can attract the money to pay, you simply can't play. That's the cold reality.


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