Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better TV To Watch Than Trump's APPRENTICE Tonight

Here's the second installment in my now weekly feature that offers decent TV alternatives to Trump's APPRENTICE on NBC. I know it's the end of January, the dog days of TV before the beginning of the big February sweeps period, so you can expect the last few days of January to be a dumping ground for reruns and other junk until the big February sweeps starts. But short of looking for a Sunday evening Dentist for a root canal to spend time avoiding Trump's APPRENTICE, a few good alternatives do exist this evening.

A brand new FAMILY GUY and AMERICAN DAD are airing tonight on FOX. Compared to Trump's brutish and denegrating style, with promo ads that make him seem almost Frankenstein's monsterlike airing this week on NBC, FAMILY GUY and AMERICAN DAD are clever satire and well written. These are a definate best bet.

A second outing for the SCI FI networks new supernatural detective drama, THE DRESDEN FILES airs tonight. If you missed last week's premiere episode, you can catch it at 8PM just before the 9PM new episode.

CBS is airing a made for TV movie, THE VALLEY OF LIGHT. This may be alright to watch. But you only find space-saver stuff like made for TV movies in ratings lull periods like this, and when better programming like a new episode of WITHOUT A TRACE Is awaiting to air during the more critical February sweeps period. Don't hold high expectations for any made for TV movie run in this ratings lull period, but the storyline does look promising enough to spend some time over at CBS.

NBC's GREASE, a decent and worthwhile program goes two hours tonight, starting at 7PM. This may be too long for even a good thing, and the highly entertaining DEAL OR NO DEAL lead-in is sadly missing for this Sunday. But GREASE is great entertainment and worth catching. So is the excellent drama series, CROSSING JORDAN at 10PM. But once again, it's the obnoxious Trump program at 9PM that spoils an otherwise decent evening of programming over at NBC. But a little channel switching at 9PM can save an eveing otherwise ruined by Donald Trump's loud and abusive rants and beratings of a few unlucky souls only seeking to work in the Donald's business empire.


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