Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bush Gives Seperate STATE OF THE ECONOMY Speech To Wall Street

As yet another sign of the two tier White House under Bush that operates heavily in the interests of the big business community versus the larger public interest, this morning Bush is offering a seperate State Of The Economy speech. The State Of The Union address was used as a public relations effort to the larger comunity, while the group far more responsible for placing Bush in office and far more benefitting from him receive the more far important State Of The Economy address. This speech wil highlight all the tax cuts to the big corporations and all the budget cuts to schools, police, the poor, handicapped, the elderly.

This address to the powerful big business interests will lay out the basis for the "balanced budget" proposal that Bush claims to support and claims will sumbit to Congress, despite huge spending on the Iraq War and other budget breakers. Social programs will certainly take a huge hit in this budget, while the big business community will receive huge favors. Bush is also proposing cutting farm supports, further endangering the family farm in favor of the big corporate entities.

This is the way this current White House has always operated, as the agents of a big business oligarchy who actually control the politics and policies of the Bush government. Little did the voters realize that in the 2000 election that they were actually voting to change the nature of our government without any formal changes made to the U.S. Constitution.


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