Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Changes For Air America; Also Big Questions

There is certainly a sizable audience for a progressive take on the news and a gathering point for progressive discussion, yet Air America never seemed to be financially managed quite as well as their conservative counterparts. But Air America is hoping to enter a new era when real estate developer, Stephen Green, brother of well known New York politician, Matk Green, purchases the financially struggling radio network and hopes to remake the network into a viable news, talk and opinion option for radio audiences. A bankruptcy court will have to approve the purchase by Green.

Another big change is that Al Franken, one of the most important founders of Air America will leave next month and be replaced by Porland, Oregon based talk show host, Thom Hartmann. Comic Al Franken is exploring a possible run for the senate from his home state of Minnesota. However, Franken and other founding members of Air America's inability to sell more advertising and better financially manage the affairs of Air America cannot be a good selling point to the voters back in Minnesota. A far better claim to voters is the ability to run a successful business and create a near Horatio Alger success story of a business. Al Franken is a likable and friendly man, but no major comic has ever made a serious run for a political office, and whether voters can warm up to electing a comic is a major question mark.

Whether Air America finally gets the type of financial management that it has always lacked, and whether voters in Minnesota eventually elect the first comic as U.S. senator are two big questions where the answers yet remain to be seen.


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