Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Greatest Vegan Foods

Being a vegan sure doesn't have to be boring. There are so many fantastic suitable substitutes for foods that contain animal proteins or content. You can live a healthy clean diet of vegan substitutes and look out for these great brands that I pick as my personal favorites:

Best vegan meat substitutes: TOFURKY from right here in Oregon is a great brand of meat substitute. This great tasting turkeylike soy based meat substitute comes in at least four flavors, but the hickory smoked flavor is my personal favorite. This not only tastes great by the slice, both makes fantastic hot or cold sandwiches. But a little known vegan and meatless meat substitute, AFC BAKED BEAN CURD can be found at some Asian grocery stores. This tastes great cold sliced with a meal of hummas or other cold vegan foods, or AFC BAKED BEAN CURD can be used in great Asian style cooking to create exotic meals. One great meal suggestion is cubed bits of AFC BAKED BEAN CURD, vegetables such as broccoli and mushrooms(don't forget to use both shitake and cremini if you want taste), and LEE KUM KEE VEGETARIAN STIR-FRY SAUCE-Shitake Mushroom Flavored sauce. This can be either stir fried, or can be boiled in a slow cooking pot until the vegetables and baked bean curd become very soft and flavored by the sauce. A restaurant quality vegan meal for sure, made at home.

Best vegan Cheese puffs substitutes: ROBERT'S GOURMET AMERICAN features both TINGS and SUPER VEGGIE TINGS. Both feature nutritional yeast which is loaded with healthy vitamins and gives both a great cheesy flavor. SUPER VEGGIE TINGS also adds extra calcium and the aded health benefits of vegetables. Both are fantastic and better than excellent. These give junk snack foods a real run for their money.

Best vegan potato chips: Once again ROBERT'S GOURMET AMERICAN wins here with their fantastic ANTIQUE POTATO CHIPS. These are produced in very small batches and are created using antique production equipment such as cooking kettles. No cheap cottonseed oil here like your cheap mass brand supermarket chips.

Best caviar substitute. Yes, it really exists! CAVI-ART comes in both black and yellow lumpfish flavors and helps to save both your next vegan party and those baby fish. Salmon are becoming scarce in the Pacific NorthWest, for conservation of our fish are very important to maintain the balance of nature.

Best Fish and chips substitute: GOLDEN DIPT EASY FRY makes a great fish and chips style batter that when used with firm tofu and a deep fryer will give you fantasic results creating your own fake fish chips at home very similar in taste to the big restaurant's style.

Best ice cream substitute: SOY DREAM makes some fantastic nondairy ice cream substitutes. I like the French Vanilla flavor. But there are many choices to be had. This stuff is simply heavenly.

Best soy cheeses. These can only include brands that do not use casein or other milk protein products. VEGAN by SOYCO is the best for high calcium content, but VEGAN GOURMET includes flavors that melt for pizza or cooking use. But I strongly prefer VEGAN because of the high calcium health benefits. But either produces some great pizzas or other meals. VEGAN GOURMET does make some very good toasted soy cheese sandwiches.

Well these are just a few of my favorites. If you have others you think should be included, the please post them in the comments section. Let's keep increasing readership around here.