Sunday, August 27, 2006

How Many Years Of Life Do You Want To Give Up For Smokers?

Medical reseachers now believe that Americans could live an average of 106 years, and that the life expectancy could even be extended to as much as 160 years in the near future. But society lacks the courage to eliminate the greatest cause of death next to alcohol consumption, tobacco use.

Cigarettes are not only eventually fatal to 50% of all users, but they shorten the life of nearly all Americans, smokers or not by driving up environmental poisons rates and causing cell mutations and cancer. As much as 80% of all cancer, and a significant percentage of heart disease could be eliminated if tobacco use was eliminated. A 80% reduction in cancer is very significant.

The lungs breath about 15 to 25 times a minute. Normally clean air is breathed in and carbon dioxide is exhaled, and oxygen combines with the red blood cells. But when cigarette smoke is present in any public place as air pollution, it combines poisons such as heavy metals like nickel, cadmium, and tar, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and in fact 4,700 chemicals and 200 poisons with the red blood cells in any person who breaths in cigarette smoke. The EPA reports no safe level for any of these poisons. Cigarette smoke poisons and pollutants travel as much as half a city block in all directions. One cigarette can pollute and damage up to thousands of gallons of normally clean air. Cigarettes are also a leading cause of environmental damage as they are responsible for as many as several hundred grass and forest fires in each state every year. Careless smoking is also the cause of as many as 30,000 home and apartment fires each year often killing nonusers by smoke inhalation or burning death.

Some substances such as cadmium are present in battery manufacturing as well as cigarettes and this chemical stays in the body a long time and damages both lungs and kidneys. The poisons in cigarette smoke filter so much through every part of the body when breathed in that even bladder and breast cancer can result from the poisoning by cigarettes, no matter whether you are a smoker or not.

Cigarette smoking undermines all the efforts of those who pay for clean organic foods, by combining harmful poisons onto their blood cells against their wills. Smoking kills as many persons in the U.S., both smoker and nonsmoker alike as the Vietnam War did in 12 years, or about 53,000.

The question for the average person should be: How many years if life do want to give up so that smokers can continue to practice their dirty drug addiction? Smokers are shortening the lives of all of us and worsening American health in general. I is robbing American society of lost productivity and billions in wasted resources. Things are literally going up in smoke because of smokers. Why doesn't society have the will to say no to all of this and demand a stop to it?


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