Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oprah Pulls Back Her Attorneys

Oprah Winfrey expects her attorneys to fiercely defend her billion dollar empire by fighting any copyright or licensing violations, however when they ovetstepped their mission by strongarming a well intentioned 69 year old former math teacher who runs an Oprah for president website, asking him with a "cease and desist" letter to immediately stop his efforts, then Ms. Winfrey risked a negative public relations fiasco. For the most popular talkshow host in America, the actions of her attorneys had the potential to harm her good public image.

This is just part of the price of fame. You need to always be kind to your public, and sign autographs or else risk a negative public image. The public idolizes you. For Winfrey her massive popularity and public image is an imprtant asset. The retired school teacher so idolozes her, that to him Oprah Winfrey seems like the best choice for president. To him she's honest, hardworking, and one of the average citizens who made good. She knows how to take the disadvatages of being born both Black and female, in a society still dominated by White men, and making herself immensely successful. To this school teacher, Oprah understands far more than most politicians and could really help to right America.

Although there is great deal to say for all of this great achievement, Oprah is not currently interested in running for president. But the fact that some of her fans so idolize her is reason enough to invite this schoool teacher on her program and treat him with all due respect, while making the point that she is not currently seeking the presidency. Celebrities need to recognize that their fan base is their life blood. Even the scandal sheets keep their name out there for the public to digest. For a celebrity the worst thing is to be ignored. When that happens, then the job calls usually stop.

There are far worst things than being one of the most loved and admired celebrities, and that's unemployment. Many once popular and washed up celebrities couldn't get a new acting gig of their life depended on it. Celebrities need to be always mindful of this and always treat their loyal fans with respect.

Oprah needs to always be thought of as the wonderful person who gave cars away to her studio audience or the great humanitarian. Part of her skill as a celebrity is being very kind to people. She needs to quickly make the best of the mess her attorneys have created.


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