Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freelance Terrorism In Seattle

Friday's freelance, independent act of terrorism at the Jewish Federation Center in Seattle was very unsettling. Only one day after Al Qaeda's #2 called for acts of Muslim terrorism around the world, a Pakistani-American Muslim took it one himself to shoot six women at this Jewish organization and take one life.

There seems to be some sort of political reasons not to call this act of terrorism for what it is, pure and simple terrorism. But that's exactly what it was.

The threat of freelance acts of terrorism is extremely high, in fact far higher than larger organized acts by organizations such as Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda seems larger forced to only issue tthreatening video and audio tapes these days except for Iraq. More and more low level, smaller acts of terrorism, sometimes organized by one radical individual may become more common. This is a great threat.

It has always historically been the loner screwball and extremist that has become the assassin or other dangerous political or religious criminal personality. The situation in Seattle is very alarming for that reason. One single individual may plan and carry out an act of terrorism. In the wake of the ongoing Iraq War and the Israel/Hezbollah/Hamas clashes and warfare, the entire envoronment is greatly heightened.

In Seattle, the Jewish Federation Center helped to organization a rally event a few days ago to support the military action of Orsael against Hezbollah in the MidEast. This likely was a final straw to the radical Muslim who was involved in Friday's shootings. It is a good time for such rallies and events in support of the MidEast fighting to cease and allow events to be isolated to just the MidEast and not have the effect of spillover here in the U.S. There could be a copycat effect among Muslim extremists if several events start to feed on themselves. This is a good time not to allow such a trend to build and endanger lives here. It is also a good time for American Jewish organizations to tighter security.

Friday's terrorist incident may be an alarming preview of the face of future terrorism. Radical loners rather than large scale organized efforts may be the future of this radicalism. These events may be smaller in scale, but they are hardly much less deadly to the victims of this dangerous sort of political crime. The longer the warfare situation drags out in the MidEast, the greater the danger grows. And any major act of terrorism in the U.S. could anger the American public and cause the U.S. to enter the conflict in some way, which would be extremely dangerous to the prospects of world peace.

A suitable peace must be eventually found somehow in the MidEast. All militia and terrorists need to be disarmed some way. This situation of radicals with arms causing violence and either the U.S. or Israel reacting, only creates a circular cycle of violence that feeds on itself and worsens. This has a serious nature as it could spill into a far larger and out of control conflict.


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