Friday, August 25, 2006

KGW Called Upon To Stop Airing Racist Ad By

Yesterday, in a strongly worded and detailed letter to KGW's advertising buying department, I wrote them asking them to stop airing the outrageous racist ad by the radical right wing lobbyist Rick Berman front organization, .

The ad had to feature the most disgusting racial stereotype since the 1930's of a Black female DMV employee who was too lazy to do her job, and was looking for a labor union guaranteed right such as eight hours of paid sick leave per month worked to avoid work. It was outrageous to think that any Black actress would allow herself to be exploited by racists for such a purpose. The ad was absolutely disgusting as it presented Black workers in the most negative possible light. The ad presented a racist image just as bad as any hate organization would have.

I sincerely hope that KGW does the right thing and removes this disgusting right wing extremist group ad. The ad presents Black working people in a disgusting racist manner that hurts their employment oportunities and could cause them more workplace or employment discrimination the longer the ad airs. Each time this disgusting ad airs it could reinforce terrible and false negative stereotypes in the minds of some people who just don't know any better.

American society is attempting to work through racial problems towards an equal society in which all persons are fully equal in the minds of all. Any racist ads that present disgusting stereotypes that hurt future employment opportunites of Blacks seeking employment is absolutely unacceptable.

All persons are equal creations of a loving God. If I have helped to remove just one racist ad from the public airwaves that furthers racism, then at least I made yesterday worthwhile and helped to bring respect to all of mankind.

So far today I have not seen this racist ad aired. KGW has not yet responded to me. But hopefully they have already decided that I am right, that this ad is an example of disgusting racism and have pulled this awful right wing lobby organization sponsored ad from their channel. There is just no place for such racist ads on KGW or other public TV channel.


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