Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Elitist Millionaire Conservatives Concerned About Pay-Per-View Movies In High Priced Hotel Rooms

Elitist conservatives proved just how their world is so out of touch with the tough day to day existence of many American's when they took out an expensive full page ad in USA TODAY demanding a U.S. Justice Department investigation into expensive hotels that feature adult entertainment movies that these right wing buffoons may consider to be "obscene".

The fact of the matter, is that these high roller conservatives, many of who sit atop multimillion dollar organizations, and set their salaries nearly as high, are staying in expensive hotel rooms in exotic resorts in the U.S. and dining in the finest restaurants while 36,997,000 Americans live below the poverty line. Millions of Americans miss one or more meals a day. In West Virginia, the families of former coal miners whose coal mines have closed down, trap rats to eat. Most of these big-buck conservatives have never missed a meal, unless they were too busy making more money. And probably none has had a rat for dinner.

It is sure refreshing to know that the knothead halfwit millionaires who lead The Family Research Council, Concerned Women For American, antisemite Donald Wildmon's Family Association, James Dobson's Focus On The Family, and other screwball groups are at work attempting to protect millionaire hotel guests from pornographic pay-per-view movies.

Conservatives parody themselves when they become involved in nonsense elitist activites like this. They worry about nonsense issues that only affect the the very wealthy, and their privileged existence. They use the Republican Party as a country club to seek big tax breaks for their companies, limit lawsuits by injured consumers, protect big credit card companies from bankruptcy by consumers who are ruined by huge medical expenses, etc., while seeking to cut food stamps, and public programs such as medical and dental aid to the poor. Conservatives often work overtime to paint themselves as wholly insensitve to the serious survival needs of the poor and instead champion nonsense elitist issues that only affect the wealthy.

In cities like Portland, Oregon, more runaway children per capita than anywhere in the United States live as homeless persons and often are heroin addicts or use prostitution, burglary or shoplifting to support their drug habits. Because of drugs, violence, etc.. many street persons may survive only three years on the streets before they die of something. The world of country club elitist conservatives never see this world. The glare of the Cartier diamonds they wear must obstruct their vision.


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