Wednesday, July 05, 2006

London Religious Website Now Predicts NYC Nuclear Terrorism On July 28,2006

The religious Website from London that predicted a nuclear terrorist incident in NYC at the UN Plaza in Manhattan for July 4, 2006, now has issued an apology for their mistake and now claims that July 28, 2006 is the real date.

The Website,, claimed that they do not adhere to a principle such as "Papal infallibility". But I think the problem is far more obvious. You cannot assign numerical codes to the Bible or analysis to Scripture in this way. Any translation of the Bible will differ somewhat in the exact language, but not the intended meaning. And the page layout of the words will differ from edition to edition. Analysis of the Bible in this way almost reduces Scripture down to a level of a crossword game or a similar level. The Bible interprets itself. It is highly doubtful that secret codes are hidden in it. God's word to mankind is upfront in it's intent. However the book of Revelation is cloaked in very mysterious language.

There might have been a keen spiritual feel from the London Website that some serious internationa event was at hand. This vague spiritual perception could have tipped off the London Website about some incident in the making, and of course North Korea added a little July 4, excitement yesterday, although the terrorist incident that was expected was miles off base.

Hearing the voice of God may mean that you do not get the specifics right. No man really knows the future these days, except for the geniune prophets who penned the Holy Scriptures. But this also hardly means that you do not have the spiritual perception to know that a great danger may be at hand. This part may indeed be a warning from God.


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