Monday, June 26, 2006

The Theology Of Superman

Most who grew up with the DC comics character Superman, or who loved the 1950's series staring George Reeves, failed to realize just how much the story borrows from the Bible. When the planet is due for destruction, the Superman baby is put on a small rocket headed to earth. This is similar to how the baby Moses was saved from destruction. In both stories, the baby is found and raised by foster parents. In both stories, both Moses and Superman grow into powerful leaders of mankind.

And while Moses leads the Israeli people to a better life and acts as their teacher for better values, Superman also leads the earth people to a better life and acts as their teacher for better values.

In the account of Jesus, he comes as a savior for mankind. The Superman story also shares this similar value. Jesus also comes as a teacher for mankind, as does Superman. Both Jesus and Super have superior intellects and understanding of all the failings of mankind, yet both only try to inspire mankind to better values by both example and teaching.

Both Jesus and Superman believe in the redemption of mankind. In the 1950's Superman series any former criminal who reformed was considered to have paid his debt to society, and considered worthy of forgiveness. With Jesus he paid our debt, and all who confess their sins to him are worhty to be forgiven.

Lex Luther, the opponent of Superman, comes across in a mixed way, appearing as a deceptively good man sometimes, but his hidden evil intentions also result in destruction. The actions of Lucifcer in the Bible are similarly described. What seems deceptively good often appears to involve the later destruction of those so deceived by Lucifer.

And the classic good vesus evil conflicts of Superman often inspire visions of the good versus bad conflicts in the Bible as well.

Whether it is merely the Christian culture that the Superman story was developed in that helped to inspire so many Bible based comparisons is not known. It is also a mystery whether faith was a factor in development of the story as well. But either way, the Superman story is a great inspirational story that seems more than inspired by Scripture.


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