Friday, June 23, 2006

Disgusting Funeral Protesters Intend To Picket Funeral Of Fallen Oregon Soldier

Fallen Madras, Oregon soldier, Thomas Tucker who was only 25 years old when Iraqi insurgent radicals abducted him and brutally tortured, murdered and multilated his body is about to face yet another outrageous indignity from the disgusting Kansas Westboro Baptist cult church of Rev. Fred Phelps. His cult of disgusting antiGay funeral protestors intend to protest at the funeral of this very nice and well loved Oregon soldier, and only add to the deep grief of his family, hometown and state.

The personality cult church of Rev. Phelps have a very distorted view of theology. The ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of the sin of homosexuality. The people in these cities were brutal savages who would rape travelers and conquests as a form of primitive display of subjugation of a defeated opponent. This primitive and brutal practice of raping a conquered person was a disgustingly violent form of humiliation. Of course , Rev. Phelps and his half-witted followers know nothing of the history of this violent practice from the decadent and brutal cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and instead erect a false theology where the deaths of American soldiers are somehow the divine retribution of God for allowing homosexuality. This is a warped and disturbed theology of the very worst variety.

Lot pleaded with God to spare these two wicked and violent cities if only a few good men could be found. When two angels disguised as strangers came to warn Lot and his family to leave the cities, a crowd of violent men gathered to demand to rape and violate the strangers as a form of subjugation. Lot offered the crowd his two own daughters to rape or sexually violate if only these two strangers would be left alone. The crowd refused Lot's offer, but it proved his intense righteousness and respect for kindness to strangers and proved him to be the man of God that God knew that he was. Lot had not known that the strangers were angels when they came to his door.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which is independent of any major Baptist affiliation, is merely the personality cult product of Phelps and his radical followers. And on the human garbage scale, both members of the Westboro Baptist Church and Al Qaeda have a little too much in common. Both share a deeply disturbed sense of religion that praises violence and death of American servicemen. On the Westboro Baptist audio message, a female member not only praises the deaths of American soldiers, but offers a ghoulish, "Thank God", comment praising IEDs(Improvised explosive devices) for taking American lives. This radical church is just one violent act away from being a full blown antiAmerican terrorist organization.

A group of patriotic bikers who are nearly all former veterans themselves plan to counter protest this radical religious group. Instead of being the respectful display of sorrow of this Oregon town, the personality cult of Rev. Phelps only promises to make this event a political hot potato, and could even invite a very angry response from some outraged Oregonians in this town who are deeply saddened by the brutal death of this very nice young man whose life offered so much promise.

Of all the tasteless events of the Westboro Baptist Church, this planned protest is perhaps the most disgusting and vile yet. Rev. Phelps and his screwball followers will be hardly welcome in this small Oregon town.


At 2:40 AM, Blogger Andrea S. said...

Hi, just happened upon your blog wondering what progressives are. But it occurred to me while you discussed the similarities between Al-Quaida and this Phelps Cult, saying, "Both share a deeply disturbed sense of religion that praises violence and death of American servicemen." This sounds very familiar. In C.S Lewis' The Last Battle, the Narnians--who believe Aslan the Lion to be the ruler/creator of all things--are at war with the Calormen (who believe in their god, Tashish). The battle is the standoff between "good and evil" and the Dwarfs who had been Narnian betrayed them amidst the battle and decided they were only for themselves and would shoot at both sides just for kicks. Sounds like "Rev." Phelps might be a dwarf in disguise among many.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

I appreciate your insights and wisdom, Andrea. Your comments are very welcome here.

Certainly a distorted sense of God is at stake when senseless violence against the human race is praised in the name of God. God certainly holds the power to bring individual judgement against the bad. Many that I've known in life have come to sordid early ends. Whether their trail of sins trampled them or their evil caused God to pull the plug on them is not known by me.

But anyone who praises or condones evil against the human race is very likely to face the judgement of God in my best opinion.

Unfortunately the Westboro Baptist Church members and Al Qaeda members are virtual clones of each other. Any planned violence stands as a nearly insignificant difference between them.

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Andrea S. said...

Man, there seems to be a real "once-you-get-the-ball-rolling" scenario going on.
One bad apple spoils the bunch, then take a whole community, then a whole nation and you've got yourself some dangerous people.
The thing that struck me is where you said, "Whether their trail of sins trampled them or their evil caused God to pull the plug on them is not known by me."
This really hits home with me, as I've committed my immense share of sins, and yes, their consequenses nearly trampled me to death. It was that serious.
But the key-word here is nearly. God gave me chance after chance to turn my life back around, and because my heart was hardened, I received plague after plague of sorts. It was the near-death thing that got me, humbling me to fall on my face and cry out for salvation.
And yes, I screwed up again and again. All the while, acrewing more and more consequenses.
This just convinces me that God truly is my heavenly father because He loves me enough to have mercy on me, forgive my sins, and lead me out of the desert.
The point I'm trying to make here is that these groups of people whose line of thinking is demented and the like, when observed singularly, one person to another.. each and every one of them HAS the CHOICE to listen to the inherent conscience within them.
Obviously the evil survives because of lie upon lie, but how is the Father of Lies exposed? Light, Truth, the Power of God, our Sure Defender. We must PRAY for our enemies. We must get our own ball rolling as Christians, unite as prayer WARRIORS. We are in a spiritual battle for the mind, every one of us. Anyone want to put on their FULL ARMOR of GOD? It's there for a reason. I fear we may have a bunch of A-wall Christians runnin' around!


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