Saturday, June 24, 2006

Miami Seven More Evidence Of Religious Extremism

On one hand, the "Miami seven", the seven intended Muslim terrorists who planned to attack the Chicage Sears Tower and other buildings seem like a fairly benign organization. With no money or no weapons, their crazed antiU.S. philosophy hardly arrived far beyond mere lunatic fringe thoughts and words. They were like the "Keystone Cops" of Al Qaeda "wanna be's".

And some descriptions of them running around in Iraqi insurgent style uniforms in public raised more than red flags with law enforcement. Real terrorists like Al Qaeda are highly secretative and difficult to infiltrate. But absurd "wanna be's" are far easier to break up.

While most Muslims are certainly very decent and peaceful persons. I have both Jews and Muslims as friends myself, only a small fringe of Christians, Jews or Muslims could be described as dangerous wackos.

But in the case of the "Miami seven" it is absurd that any religious fringe dislikes their country so much that they wish violence on fellow Americans. To turn against your own country like this and plan harm against innocent persons is absolutely unacceptable. And the activity of Al Qaeda to murder innocent Shiites who worship at Muslim Mosques in Iraq is an equal sectarian religious hatred outrage. And the activity of the Kansas Westboro Baptist Church who hate Gay Americans so intensely that they protest at military funerals and wish harm to American servicepersons is also a religious outrage.

The real goal of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths is to bring a person closer to God, promote a respectable prayer life, and to make a person a more responsible member of the human race who helps the poor or the widow, as well as becomes a respectec community member as well. Any sect of the Christian, Jewish or Muslim faith that betrays these standards of conduct betrays their relationship with God. Responsible clerics and worshippers of all faiths deserve to offer mutual respect to each other, as well as to expect that fringe members get straight with God and fall into the mainstream fold and walk of faith.