Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Millionaire Controlled U.S. Senate Votes Down Small Minimum Wage Increase For Working People

The Federal minimum wage for working people will remain stuck at just $5.15 a hour. It has remained there since 1997. Today in the U.S. Senate, an organization where 2/3 of the members are millionaires, and accept all sorts of benefits from lobbyists, these well-heeled rich folks voted down a small increase in the wages of working people. The vote was 52 votes in favor, however 60 votes were needed for this bill to pass.

Gasoline has virtually doubled in price since the ill-fated war in Iraq. Today a 20 year former veteran of the CIA claimed that the U.S. cannot win this war on a cable news program, yet this war that cannot be won is a higher priority than working people. Home prices have skyrocketed. And inflation as a result of high energy costs drives up the cost of food, clothing and health care. Rent continues to increase. Yet the millionaires in the U.S. Senate could just not find it in their hearts to give a few crumbs to the persons who vote for them to represent them. We'll remember this in November.


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