Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Queen Of Mean: Ann Coulter

Satan's own Barbie doll, Ann Coulter is at it again. This time her poisonous venom is set on the 9/11 wives. The minute anyone offers even a remotely mild critique of any Bush Administration policy, then Ann sharpens her knives and goes in for her highly partisan kill.

Coulter was so offended that some of these crime victims of this terrible mass murder of innocent Americans during the 9/11 attack even dared to offer any critical thoughts on the Bush conduct of the War On Terror that by tearing down the victims seems to be the only way for Coulter to satisfy her blood lust for partisanship gone wild. Everyday is like a professional sports game for Coulter, where she does what she can for the day to day partisan battle to score imaginary points in her own mind, no matter how vile or disgusting her outrageous attacks are. Attacking the victim's families of men who burned or were crushed to death in the terrible World Trade Tower attacks certainly sets a new low, even for Coulter.

This should not mean that Coulter is not capable of some very low attacks. Her lies about how Vietnam vet Max Cleland lost two legs and an arm supposedly on the way to drinking, when the truth was that a handgrenade was shot off a soldier's belt during a jump from a helicopter during the Seige at Khe Sanh in which 450 Marines were surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese troops. Even Gen. Colin Powell's office was so offended by Coulter's falsehoods that Powell's Secretary, himself a decorated military officer issued a strong rebuttal of the false claims by Coulter.

Coulter has really read America wrong this time. Every victim of 9/11 is held in high regard by most Americans. Many such as the passengers who attempted to save the Capitol building from the fourth plane as well as police, firemen and paramedics who lost their lives when the Twin Towers collapsed on them are true heroes. While other men ran from these buildings, brave police, firemen and paramedics rushed in to save lives.

While many heroes rushed in to save lives, Coulter offers just the opposite of character. To defend her political beliefs no disgusting or false attack is simply too bad, vile, or just plain low. If she has to attack crime victims, the disabled or anyone else who gets in the way of her politics, then watch out.

Many things are beyond politics, Coulter. Respecting the dead and respecting true heroes for one thing. But respect is something that Coulter doesn't know much of anything about. America holds the victims and heroes of 9/11 in high regard. Smearing these heroes makes Coulter just as nasty as the worst of the terrorists.


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