Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where Was Bush Yesterday?

Yesterday was almost literally the world going to heck in a handbasket, any sign of Bush concern on several critical issues with major implications for world peace, the world oil supply or the health of the U.S. econmy was as scarce as "Where's Waldo" on anything important to say on these earth shaking issues.

In Somalia, the capitol city was overrun by a radical Muslim militia who are allies with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is now likely to use Mogadishu as a new short of Taliban-run Afghanistan base to stage violent terrorist attacks in africa and around the world. Despite U.N. and U.S. peacekeeping efforts in Somalia, the U.S. Marines left in 1993 after militia members shot down a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter and a total of 18 U.S. soldiers were killed in the crash and rescue attempt. When a capitol city is so bad that even the police leave, then you know it's a lost cause. Any claimed Bush "War On Terror" suffered a significant defeat and loss yesterday, and Al Qaeda gained a huge victory. Yet Bush was nowhere to be found on this very important issue.

In Canada, big news is still the 17 members of a radical Islamic organization who attemped to buy 3 tons of ammonuim nitrate to create bombs big enough to level several buildings including the Canadian Parliament and Stock Market building, and had contact with at least two American terrorists in Georgia, yet Bush was no where to be found to comment on this important issue.

In Iran, a leading cleric threatened to cut off the 40% of the world's oil supply that passes through the narrow 21 mile wide Strait Of Hormuz. All oil shipments from the Mideast pass through this narrow sea passage. All oil from nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Bahrain pass through this seaway. During the 1980's Iran-Iraq War, Iran proved it's intent to use machine gun boats to leave oil tankers burning in flames. Now Iran has advanced torpedos, submarines, missiles and maybe even Silkworm or other antiship missiles. This threat was part of the nearly 200 point drop on Wall Street, yet Bush could not be found to comment on these very important issues.

In Iraq, a day after terrorists executed high school students, 50 more persons were kidnapped in a terrible terrorist attack and disappeared, proving that both the U.S. and Iraqi troops are not able to contain the violence. In the Anbar province, the U.S. has lost control of this province to Sunni sectarian insurgents and Al Qaeda. And the Prime Minister of Iraq has declared an emergency in Basra as the British trrops have lost control to insurgents and Al Qaeda. Yet Bush had no comment on these major military defeats to insurgent or Al Qaeda terrorist forces.

Fears of both inflation as well as real slowdown in new housing starts by a full 40% and other critical economic concerns helped to also witch Wall Street yesterday, also contributing to the 200 point drop. Yet Bush was not able to offer any comment on these important issues.

Where was Bush yesterday? He was stumping for an absolutely doomed proposal in the U.S. Senate that will not pass to ban Gay marriage simply to pander to his slumping support among social conservatives. On the 25th anniversary of the first case of AIDS being discovered, Bush made a tasteless and blantantly offensive attempt to oppose monogamy and safe sex practices within the American Gay community, which is a key issue towards containing any new AIDS cases. Bush's actions would be akin to an obscene affront to Holocaust victims on an anniversary of these terrible events. Bush's actions against the American Gay community on Monday would have been like a wholesale offensive act towards American Black Community on Martin Luther King's Birthday or the day celebrating the end of slavery in America. Bush's performance on Monday was a disgusting act of bigotry on a sad day that was an anniversary of this terrible disease first being discovered, yet Bush had nothing but vile to pass along . Bush was too busy spreading hate and bigotry on Monday to be bothered by a major Al Qaeda victory in Somalia, the huge drop on Wall Street, the very serious world oil supply cut threats from Iran, new problems for the U.S. economy, or concerns from the Federal Reserve. If any day ever acted as a testament to an inept president, absolutely out of the loop, wholly ineffective and nearly useless, then Monday was indeed exhibit A.