Friday, June 02, 2006

A Purple Heart For Wounded CBS Reporter Kimberly Dozier

Some stories really touch your heart. A young U.S. soldier who was wounded two years ago really respected the compassionate style of CBS reporter Kimberly Dozier and thought she was a very nice person who deeply cared about the welfare of the U.S. troops. This soldier was deeply touched by the kindness of this very excellent and professional reorter. Now that she is seriously wounded, he wanted to repay her kindness by giving her his very own Purple Heart medal.

It really touches the heart that the kindness this reporter displayed to others is so greatly respected that a soldier feels she deserves the Purple Heart as much as any wounded soldier. CBS reporter Kimberly Dozier is greatly missed from her excellent reports on the war. All good persons pray for her full recovery as soon as possible. Like no other war, more journalists have been killed or wounded in this war offering news coverage to a public who wants to know about their loved ones or whether there is any progress towards peace to report. All good persons also pray for peace in Iraq as well.


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