Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Sure Sign Of The Coming Apocalypse: Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton's New Album Will Feature Reggae And Hip Hop

For my money, who else but a millionaire hotel heiress can better represent the pain and suffering of the Black experience of a life of poverty in Jamaica better than Paris Hilton. And forget about Bob Marley, Inner Circle, or other Caribbean regional greats who are so skilled at representing reggae with so much feeling, as the Hilton Hotel heiress, and all around bad girl, Paris Hilton promises to do this uniquely Jamaican music art form real justice.

And forget about the "gangsta" experience as witnessed by Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent in their music, Paris Hilton also promises to express herself and life experience of growing up on the mean streets of life on Rodeo Drive as a millionaire hotel heiress. Despite never having to do without that cocktail olive or that new designer dress or pair of Gucci shoes, Hilton is sure she has the hip hop beat down pat.

The new and up coming album by Paris Hilton promises to be a real experience, going far beyond mere pop music to venturing into the worlds of hip hop and reggae. Whether the album will be musicly worthwhile at all, or simply an embarrassing "William Hunglike" experience only good for it's unintentional comedy value is yet to be seen. But the new release will see distribution by Warner Bros. Records, on a new label, Heiress Records, because apparently Thurston Howell Records must have been already taken as a new label moniker.

Hilton claims to have actually written the lyrics to seven of the songs on the new album, so apparently her wit and wisdom goes far beyond her very profound quote of "That's hot". Who would have ever have guessed that Hilton had the lyrical skills on par with the best in pop, hip hop or reggae music.

A new single will be the first item from this upcoming album. You can be sure that this new Paris Hilton venture will receive far more publicity and entertainment reporting than it's probably worth, yet will be an interesting new musical curiosity and leave the critics in waiting with their acid tipped pens dripping venom.


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