Friday, June 02, 2006

The Diplomacy Dance

When the President of Iran sent a wordy and long letter to President Bush, it appeared that there was a chance to open the door to some sort of dialogue to prevent a military conflict in Iran. But then the Bush Administration managed to quickly slam that door. Now a number of nations with the possible cautious support of Russia and China may be opening the door to a real dialogue with Iran. And Iran has found ways to so far rebuff this opening. So begins the diplomatic dance.

Certainly there are many serious issues, including Iran's nuclear intentions as well as Iranian support for terrorism that need to be openly discussed in a dialogue. And at some point a real dialogue must take place. Iran's letter may have public relations to weaken any chance of sanctions, but it has put them on the defensive to respond to what appears to be the response of the U.S. and some world community states. Some real talks need to take place.

It is encouraging that the diplomacy door has been kicked open just a little. But it is up to Iran whether they will seriously respond to talks the same way North Korea has done. Just like North Korea, Iran is being offfered a laundry list of aid if they respond positively, or sanctions if they do not. But any chance to prevent a hot MidEast war with diplomacy deserves praise. Maybe Iran never intended for the U.S. to really respond to their letter to begin with, but now they've put themself on the defensive to have to respond to the U.S. and world community offer. If Iran turns this down, then they will really lose face and could strengthen any goals of military action against them, which could mean a dangerous and disasterous MidEast war. But a little hope has been raised in the first baby steps of the diplomatic dance.


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