Monday, June 12, 2006

Ann Coulter Thinks The Only Standard Of Her Outrageous Comments Is Whether It Sells Books Or Not

Ann Coulter made a comment last week on Lou Dobbs program on CNN that seemed to say that her statements should be judged as to whether they sell books or not. This is an absurd standard for any serious journalist who should prize their integrity to present the most truthful perception that they can when writing.

Ann Coulter has become the right wing's own version of the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS. While this funny and fictional supermarket rag runs absurd fictional stories like DWARF DRACULA KNEE HIGH ANKLE-BITER TERRORIZING SEATTLE, HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PROSTITUTE IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL, ALIENS CLAIM JACKO IS THEIR SON, ALIENS MOON NASA SPACECRAFT, SAN FRANCISCO HIRES NUDE WOMEN TO PROTECT GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, or other equally laughable fiction writings, Ann Coulter feels that the same standard of absurdity and sensationalism and wholesale lack of truth is the honorable path to widespread book sales.

Her fictionalized account of how former Senator and Veterans Affairs head Max Cleland lost three limbs in Vietnam is exhibit A. Even Colin Powell's own secretary issued a sharp rebuttal to this absurd and ghoulish attack on a true American hero. Even right wing commentator, Bill O'Reilly has attacked Coulter last week.

Last week, Coulter even compared herself to Mark Twain or H.L. Mencken while on Lou Dobbs program. That's a far stretch to compare some of the brilliant satire of Mark Twain of H.L. Mencken to crazed and recklessly irresponsible foolish talk by Coulter who has wished harm to a member of the Supreme Court and to Bill Clinton while he was president, or referring to four 9/11 widows as "witches". Misaligning the values or beliefs of the politically liberal is another favorite tack of Coulter.

Coulter even reportedly once dated magazine publisher Bob Guccione, Jr. , the son of the former PENTHOUSE publisher. It is no wonder that Coulter would be associated with such a controversial family of publishers. Whatever it takes to sell books is the guiding ethic of Ann Coulter, the same ethic PENTHOUSE once used by publishing outrageous content or sensational articles to sell magazines.

But any decent journalist should be concened about their character and journalistic integrity. A standard of journalistic conduct that only values whether or not it sells books is morally unacceptable. I don't dislike Coulter personally, but I can't understand why her journalism shows so little integrity. She doesn't seem to understand how much dishonor she does to the profession of journalism, robbing it of it's implied tradition for courage, integrity and truth.