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TV Show Deathlist 2006

Now that the dust is settling on 2005-2006 TV season, the networks have released lists of the programs which are officially ending, cancelled or will not be returning for Fall 2006. Here were the good and the bad from each network:


The Good: SURFACE(A very good SciFi show that failed to garner a very big audience in the 8pm Monday time slot that DEAL OR NO DEAL now draws huge ratings in), E-Ring(A respectably decent Pentagon based drama that improved with every episode, but was ratings challenged), CONVICTION(A very good drama, but with a huge problem with weak ratings, and characters that seemed to be sometimes ethically challenged that hurt audience empathy), THE WEST WING(Better than in some previous seasons, and ended on a real high note. The low ratings for Bush and Congress made a White House drama not very appealing right now and helped give this great TV drama the "kiss of death"), WILL & GRACE( A very good TV Comedy that ened on a high note as well).

The So So: JOEY(I personally liked this FRIENDS spin-off, but most of the FRIENDS audience long since left this show that did lack most of the magic and appeal of the far susperior FRIENDS), MOST OUTRAGEOUS MOMENTS(No masterpiece by any means, but an acceptably decent TV clip show), THREE WISHES(I never liked this sugary sentimental show very much, but some women viewers probably miss this harmless AMY Grant hosted inspirational story program that never matched some ABC programs in a similar vein), FEAR FACTOR(A good amateur stunt game show, but ruined by gross insect eating and other nonsense that made the entire program unwatchable by some), HEIST(THis action drama sure seemed like it should have beeen much better. After just a few minutes you decided whether you could stand to watch it or not).

The Bad: MARTHA STEWART: THE APPRENTICE(This program had far less appeal than even the Donald Trump show, and the feud with Trump was a final deathblow to this lame spin-off), THE BOOK OF DANIEL(One of the worst programs of last year. Thankfully gone for good), CELEBRITY COOKING SHOWDOWN(An incomprehensible mess that was supposed to be a major one week event, but pulled from the schedule after only night three, with the last two episodes dumped on "trashcan " Saturday night), FOUR KINGS(Not much of a comedy at all, much less 8:30 Thurday night quality), INCONCEIVABLE(A strong contender for last year's very worst program. 0 audience appeal to men, and even most women viewers quickly left it as well), TEACHERS(A weak comedy with even less appeal than SCRUBS).


The Good: THRESHOLD(A perfectly decent SciFi program that just kept getting better, but like SURFACE and INVASION, SCiFI just didn't fare very well with ratings on the major networks this year. On the SciFi Channel probably would have been a major hit), OUT OF PRACTICE( A very good comedy that seemed to have the same comedy writing appeal of FRAZIER, but quickly died of poor ratings after being spun off from it's successful 9:30 time slot to ratings death on Wednesday), STILL STANDING(A very decent comedy that was a little like MARRIED WITH CHILDREN light. A real shame it will not be back), YES DEAR(Another very good comedy that I already deeply miss. but likely to live on in syndicated reruns for a few years).

The So So: LOVE MONKEY(Hardly a great program by any means, but it did find a little life airing on VH1 which seemed far better suited to this lightweight music dramamedy), COURTING ALEX(An acceptable Jenna Elfman comeback project that also did fine in the 9:30 Monday time slot, but died from a rating death on Wednesday).


The Good: COMMANDER IN CHIEF(A very good White House drama that circled the drain only because of the public distain for the current real White House. It's hard to romantic about Washington when most people hate the mess bach there), ALIAS(A very good Jennifer Garner spy drama that is likely to be the high point of her career, but suffered through five years of soft ratings, and finally her desire for motherhood. Whether Jennifer Garner will ever find another major vehicle to reignite her career in the future is a very good question. But some films like DAREDEVIL and ELECTRA didn't help much. Even the cult following surrounding Garner has begun to tire of her bad recent films), HOPE AND FAITH(A very watchable and funny comedy that despite some really stupid writing did provide some real laughs), INVASION(Another decent network SciFi drama that suffered from weak ratings like SURFACE and Threshold did, probably helping to doom major network SciFi for some time), RODNEY(A perfect decent comedy that I miss from the scedule), LESS THAN PERFECT(A decent comedy that lost momentum after coming back from a protracted leave of absense),

The So So: CRUMBS, EMILY"S REASONS WHY NOT, THE EVIDENCE, FREDDIE, MIRACLE WORKERS, IN JUSTICE, JAKE IN PROGRESS & SONS & DAUGHTERS(None of these programs were great, and none were completely horrible either. All failed to garner much of an audience and died from a soft ratings death).

The Bad: NIGHT STALKER(A crummy remake of the once great NBC program. Wholly disppointing in every regard), HOT PROPERTIES(An incredibly lame comedy that never should have even made the schedule to begin with).


The Good: MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE(A very good TV Comedy that just seemed to lose it's appeal as the audience aged), ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT(A critically acclaimed comedy project that suffered through weak ratings despite awards and high praise. Since TV is driven by advertising revenues, FOX just had to pull the plug on this great show sometime despite the critics and the awards), THAT 70'S SHOW(A very good comedy that really hit the dirt this year after two major characters left), THE BERNIE MAC SHOW(A very good comedy with real edge and sharp writing style).

The So So: REUNION(Nothing special about this drama with a big mystery lurking in the background. Now we'll never know), KILLER INSTINCT(Not entirely a bad show. With a little work could have been really good), SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES(Not great at all, but had some appeal especially with women).

The Bad: HEAD CASES(Lasted two episodes. A real statement for this stinker), STACKED(Other than Pamela Anderson, I personally found nothing good about this lame comedy myself. Why it lasted as long as it did is a very good question), FREE RIDE & KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL(I didn't care for these, and neither did the ratings public either).


The Good: None

The So So: LOVE, INC.(This was sure no comedy masterpiece, but I really will miss it. The jokes were passiby funny enough. One of the characters even reminded me of a brunette "Jenny McCarthy" with a similar zany personality), CUTS, EVE, ONE ON ONE, HALF & HALF(These were no comedy masterpieces either, but suffered from the low ratings on urban comedies that seemed to have little appeal outside of Black audiences. With the merger with WB these comedies were sure to suffer the ax), SOUTH BEACH(Not a terrible drama, but simply gathered no audience).

The Bad: GET THIS PARTY STARTED & SEX, LIES AND SECRETS(Two quickly failed and forgotten programming mistakes).


The Good:BLUE COLLAR TV(A very good comedy that just seemed to lose ratings strength).

The So So: CHARMED(Some eye candy of some young babes for guys to look at, in a so so witchcraft and supernatural package), WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU(Not great comedy, but acceptable), PEPPER DENNIS(A quirky little show that never did manage decent ratings in it's short life), EVERWOOD(Not a favorite of mine, but had it's fans).

The Bad: BEDFORD DIARIES(Bad, bad, bad TV), LIVING WITH FRAN(A very lame and weak comeback vehicle), JUST LEGAL(Quickly failed, quickly forgotten), TWINS, SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST & MODERN MEN(Not good TV at all).

Coming soon what good shows debuted this year and why.


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