Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Nonsense Way A Tobacco Company Gets Around Cigarette Advertising Restrictions

Nicotine is a drug addiction that not only harms the users, but innocent bystanders as well. Secondhand smoke kills 500,000 persons every 10 years according to a new study. Smoking causes an average of 31,000 house fires each year with a little under 900 fire deaths each year. During this summer, onre single smallish state, Oregon, had over 800 grass and forest fires caused by careless smokers throwing lit cigarette butts from their cars. Cigarette butts are one of the greatest sources of litter and environmental eyesore garbage.

Philip Morris admits in a statement that secondhand smoke is related to causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome deaths in small babies. In children and many adults, secondhand smoke causes ear, sinus and lung infections. And can be deadly to persons who are allergic, have cystic fibrosis, asthma or other serious conditions. Thousands of expensive visits to hospital emergency rooms are required because of secondhand smoke on crowded public streets and in traffic.

Government has started to slowly turn the screws on this deadly industry, with such things as advertising restrictions.

But Natural American Spirit Tobacco has a found a way around all of this. Because they are selling just tobacco, and not completed cigarettes they have a loophole to market their product more openly than the cogarette companies can. So they add slick advertisimg into alternative media papers around the country. These papers should be concerned about the environment, but instead allow companies like this to advertise.

And there is nothing in the fact that this is pure tobacco or "natural" to make this tobacco much safer than other brands.

It is nonsense that a company continues to market a very harmful product and hides behind nonsense words like "natural", almost as though they are selling a health product or something.

The advertising restrictions on cigarettes are simply not tough enough when a harmful product like loose tobacco can still be marketed to build your own cigarettes. This is hardly any real step forward at all. Smoking is a very destructive habit both to the user and nonuser alike. And nothing can justify such a selfish addiction that drives some to smoke in public places and injure children as well as adults with health problems. It's not the choice of simply the smoker to smoke, butthey decide thatr everyone for a 1/2city block radius should als be exposed and share their smoker's cough and other health problems.


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