Thursday, May 18, 2006

Senate Republican Leadership Arranges Sneaky Closed Door Session To Approve Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

In the days of Abraham Lincoln, the new and early Republican Party stood for the equality of all men. Abraham Lincoln once clenched his hands so tightly watching a Black slave family torn apart and auctioned to different White slaveowners, that Lincoln's hands turned bloody. The sense of the equality of all men was very intense in the heart of Lincoln. But it's not your grandfather's Republican Party any longer.

Right wing Republicans use the illegal immigration issue to promote a racist message of hate that goes far beyond normal concerns for border security or an orderly immigration of new residents to the U.S. It is no coincidence that this inciting of hate against foreign born persons has recently driven up hate crimes by 33% according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And with an antiGay marriage ban another "red meat" issue that bigots are usng to rally sagging Republican Party poll numbers to prevent more slippage among the right wing bigot wing within the Republican Party, today the Senate Republican leadership arranged a very sneaky closed door session to approve an antiGay marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Normally a closed session should only be held for sensitive national security related issues, not to arrange a cowardly attack on millions of fellow Americans who simply want the right to determine their own households, without government involved in their bedroom and private lives. The Senate Republican leadership didn't want cameras from the national and world news media covering embarrassing statements that reflect real ignorance and prejudice. Like rats lurking around in the dark, pulling low brow nonsense simply to pander to the far right of the party only months before a critical national election is taking the political low road of the very worst variety.

The Senate is a millionaire's club. These wealthy men and women have the duty to promote the best in men, including elevating political opinions that are only prejudice to a more enlightened view. But for these well educated men and women to take the low road and attack a minority group to bolster themselves is a real letdown and betrayal of the position of authority these persons hold.

Changing the subject from the failing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and War On Terror, and from sky high gas prices creating hardship for millions of Americans to picking on the least powerful in society such as poor immigrants who only come here to earn enough to feed their family or to attacking the right of millions of Gay Americans to self-determine their own household is indeed very regrettable.


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