Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the perfect day to do something nice for your mother. They were the one's who sacrificed for 9 nine long months to bring you into the world, and sacrificed for years more to watch you grow through schoolage thru college. They bandaged your knee when you fell off your bike. Or took you to the store and bought you that favorite toy when you were a kid. They sewed the torn knee in your pants with a patch or mended your teddy bear. They helped you with your homework when it needed it. They tried to be sure that you got the food needed.

Mother's are also the one's who sacrifice children for war. Or who raise up the next generation of teachers and religious leaders. They give birth to the construction worker who builds the homes. The factory worker that builds an economy. The policeman who keeps order and keeps society safe from crime.

Mothers provide the love and warmth in the home that children need to feel wanted. Your mother loves you. You love her. Do something very nice for her today. Happy Mother's Day.


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