Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You're Autistic And In The Army Now

The good news is that the mentally challenged are finding new employment opportunities. The bad news is that these new jobs are because of the Iraq War.

Insurgent forces have used mentally retarded persons to carry out suicide bombings. Their gullible nature makes them prone to be exploited for such abuse. The Zacarius Moussaoui trial involved a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic who was a possiby a member of Al Qaeda, although any connection to 9/11 is still highly questionable because of the highly delusional nature of such a severely mentally ill person, who has now recanted his courtroom testimony of only days ago.

But the U.S. Army which is facing a recruiting shortfall of about 7,000 new soldiers due to disenchantment with the Iraq War is now getting into the act of recruiting mentally challenged and "sub-par" soldiers to it's ranks. Aggressive recruiting practices and a new practice of accepting soldiers from the 16th to 30th percentile on the Army competence exam is being used to garner new recruits. More young recruits from the ranks of high school dropouts along with some recruiters instructing prospective recruits how to pass the military drug testing is becoming more common as well.

The aggressive recruiting of the mentally challenged really hit the fan in Portland, Oregon this week when outside of a strip mall, a U.S. Army recruiter aggressively sought to have a 18 year old autistic young man sign up for one of the Iraq War's most dangerous jobs, that of calvary scout in the U.S. Army. This young man was so mentally challenged that only last year was he aware that that there was a war in Iraq. The Army mental competency exam standards are now so low that this young man who ranks very low in verbal IQ measurement exams, was able to pass the military competency exam with a lowly score of 43 points out of a possible 99 points. Only those with scores under 31 points are currently rejected for military service.

Only after a public outrage by the parents of the autistic young man, some in the local MSM media and 3rd Congressional District Rep. Earl Blumenauer, did the military decide that this mentally challenged young man was not fit for military service, and released him from any military requirements.

It is unfortunately a sign of desperation for military forces when the mentally handicapped or other unfit persons are recruited into duty. History books tell of the Turkish Ottoman forces as recruiting mentally unfit persons into their Janissaries military forces. These persons were often paid only in looting or rape privileges. Other recent empires whose military forces were hard pressed for soldiers such as the WWII Soviet Union under Josef Stalin used "shark armies" of mentally ill, mentally retarded and criminals to run as the first forces into the German Army occupation troops at the Seige Of Stalingrad with horrific near total troop losses. Terrible wars in the African continent have recruited small children into duty as child soldiers. Because these children lack the mental judgement of adults, they are respossible for terrible acts of violence such as machete attacks on villagers. In the last days of Berlin, Hitler expected that a military force of teenage boys and old men could defend the city from the Russians with antitank grenade launchers.

War creates terrible acts of desperation when military forces are hard pressed for soldiers. The U.S. Army has now entered this desperation phase when an autistic young man is recruited, more lower IQ recruits are sought, more high school dropouts or drug users are sought. The need for military manpower has now entered a very sad phase that is raising serious moral alarms.


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