Monday, April 10, 2006

2006:Year Of The Political Earthquake & Bush White House Meltdown

There are serious factors building that may make 2006 the year of the political earthquake and one of the complete meltdown of the Bush Administration as one of the most inept and terrible presidential administrations in the history of the U.S.

1) Immigration: This issue seems to be creating some huge but very orderly demonstrations by Hispanic Americans. This is a good indicator that these Hispanic Americans will be likely to vote in huge numbers against the Republican Party that has really overplayed their hand on this matter. This could create one of the most significant political realignments in modern American political history.

While the Republican Party has become largely a White people's party, and a party with a strong Christian right and Southern following ever since the 1964 election where the South realigned with Republicans from that election on.

While there has been an erosion among Catholic voters, Democrats will be bouyed this year by their traditional strength among Blacks, Jewish voters, union and labor voters. And with a strong reaction against Republicans Republicans over what appears to be racism and prejudice, Republican candidates who took some of the strongest stands on this isue seen as prejudicial to Hispanics may find a huge backlash vote.

Among White voters, Republicans may have far less strength than usual due to a backlash vote over Iraq.

2)Iran & High Gasoline Prices: Iran will have a heavy impact on sky high gas prices, as it is more likely than not sometime after April that the Bush Administration will hit Iran with some sort of military action. Iran has more than enough missiles to attack Saudi Arabian oil production sites, oil tankers in the Strait Of Hormuz, American forces in the Green Zone in Iraq, Israel, or other major mischief that could realy send gasoline prices soaring out of control. $3-8 dollar a gallon gasoline is more than possible by this summer.

It is also possible that the Bush Administration may use nuclear weapons of some sort against Iran, creating American generals who will quit in protest, a world wide angry reaction, and widespread terrorism in the U.S. organized by Iran, completely undermining any sense of "security" that the Republicans once claimed that they were best at providing.

The Bush Iraq policy will be completely destroyed after the heavy Shiite population of Iraq turns antiAmerican and forces what surviving elements of forces that were not killed by the rain of Iranian missiles to quickly exit Iraq.

Palestinians may uprise against Israel in a complete security nightmare for the tiny state of Israel.

The world reaction against any Bush Administration use of nuclear weapons to destroy the deep bunkers of the Iranian nuclear program could range anywhere from extreme anger, all the way to opening up the beginning of WWIII. Rather than inspiring American support at home, this instead could really create a complete political meltdown for support for the Bush Administration as the U.S. faces terrible terrorism at home from Iranian backed terrorists, extreme gas and heating oil prices, and an angry world reaction as a result of a possible use of some sort of nuclear devices to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Democrats may well heavily rebound in the light of all of this. But these problems may be so severe that it hardly matters. Politics could become less important than mere survival with the severe consequences of the most serious and inept policies from an American Presidential Administration ever.

Buckle your seat belt. 2006 may well prove to be one of the most dangerous years ever. Too many dark clouds are building than are bad omens.


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