Monday, April 03, 2006

Basicly Stinks 2

Why BASIC INSTINCT 2 was even made a full 14 years after the original is a very good question. But this weak sequel to the very good original crime drama is one of the weakest films so far this year. Indeed a survey of the nation's movic critics on Rotten Tomatoes finds that only a mere 6% of the critics even recommend this film. It may not be the very worst film of the year, but it's certainly a very lame sequel.

Missing from this film is the strong performance of Michael Douglas, an actor just as good as famous father. Instead the far weaker acting performances of David Morrisey and Sharon Stone attempt to hold up a badly retold version of the original film that was supposed to take place in San Francisco with the relocation of the main character, Catherine Tramell(Sharon Stone) to London. Once again her black widow-like murderous ways land her in more trouble.

Instead of a top notch crime drama as the orginal was, this film relies on more nudity involving the 48 year old Sharon Stone. In fact so much more, that in order to avoid a NC-17 rating, some cuts in the footage were made to get an R rating. Undoubtably, the DVD version will have an unrated version as a draw with this cut footage, but that will hardly help a weak sequel to the original film.

BASIC INSTINCT 2 is unlikely to viewed as the absolute worst film so far this year, as LARRY THE CABLE GUY: HEALTH INSPECTOR is probably the strongest contender so far for that title. But the film is a dull and sometimes boring weak retread of the good first film.

This weekend after a week of movie critic negative reviews, many movie viewers decided to save their hard earned money or else go to a good film such as ICE AGE 2 which grossed a huge $70 million dollars. BASIC INSTINCT 2 came in at number 10 this weekend with a mere $3.2 million dollar take.

Maybe the best advice is to watch the original, as this sequeal simply does not hold up very well at all.


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