Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Amazing Air Powered Car

A French engineer, Dr. Guy Negre, has developed an amazing air powered engine and some experimental automobiles that are being designed in the South of France. The company Moteur Development International has designed some four passenger automobiles thatbhave a claimed range up to 2000km, and a top speed of 60km/h. These vehicles can have the compressed air driven motor air tanks recharged in about two or three minutes with an onboard electric compressor that can be hooked up to house current, or recharged at a station for a cost of less than a penny a mile to operate.

These amazing engines do not put out any pollution in the all air driven versions. And the cold air exhaust can be used as air conditioning for the interior on a hot day.

After 12 years of research, two versions of these air driven automobiles exist. While the newer version is totally compressed air driven, an older air/gasoline hybrid engine model also exists.

The prospects of these air driven automobiles to revolutionize the world problems with high oil demand and reduce pollution cannot be understated. These engines could be improved be higher speeds, larger displacements, and applied to buses, trucks or other high fuel cost applications as well. Already experimental taxis and other MDI vehicles exist. The company is hoping to finance the major entry into the automobile business by selling licenses to financiers in Canada, South America, Spain, Luxemborg and other countries.

It would be a major change to the world oil supply problem is suddenly the widespread marketing of air powered cars would take place. It could halt the importation of oil from the MidEast. And it could dramaticly lower the need for U.S. production, mainly for older vehicles and home heating needs.

Of all the designs, this air powered engine design by Dr. Guy Negre is one of the most promising.


At 1:27 AM, Blogger t_ozo said...

i'm looking for some evidence that this technology actually works > have you seen it functioning somewhere? thanks

At 8:59 PM, Blogger magi said...

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