Monday, April 03, 2006

Directionless Minutemen Are Now Watching The Canadian Border

Maybe you can blame it on the lack of owning a working compass, having no sense of direction, or maybe it's just a sign of the self apponted right wing guardians seeking the closest border to display their absurd antics, but now in Blaine, Washington, members of the Minuteman organization are patrolling the border. Who knew that Canadians attempting to sneak into the U.S. was a major problem for the U.S.

In Portland, Oregon, one particular example of a Canadian immigrant that came to Portland comes to mind. 17 years ago a woman arrived from Canada, married an American, and they ran a highly successful Portland restaurant. They become major benefactors to the local symphony and other major contributors to the local arts community. Recently after her husband's death, the Immigration Service notified this woman that she'd have to leave the U.S. Somehow operating a successful business and contibuting heavily to the Portland arts community or a marriage to an American doesn't qualify as a grounds for American citizenship according to the very restrictive standards of the Immigration Service. And a debate rages in congress to make citizenship standards for immigrants even more restrictive yet.

This Canadian woman is a good example of just the type of immigrant that the right wing Minuteman organization is attempting to keep out of America. The Canadian woman was a major asset to the Portland economy and arts scene, but was deported so that the troglodyte snake handers and other socially retarded types that are a prime recruiting ground for the Minuteman organization can find a manpower pool to wear cowboy hats, wave the American flag, and brag about how patriotic they are, while many immigrants they seek to keep out are like the deported Canadian woman, are a true asset to the country.

The deported Canadian woman could found a major Portland business that provided many local jobs. But the Minutemen don't seem to be even able to find their direction.


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